Saturday, November 29, 2014

Strings Attached

When I was recently picking my brain about what songs to add to a playlist for a work event I stumbled across this song that has been in my YouTube playlist forever. I've been listening to it pretty much in endless loop ever since as it sums up my current mood so well. I also really love this live recording:

Apart from the fact that I have always been partial to arrangements that combine classic and modern (electronic) instruments, I have spent WAY too much time in the past months trying to decipher what could possibly go on in the brain of a certain someone...let's call him the Renaissance Man, because of his numerous talents (manners and empathy not being among them), who also happens to play the cello like a God.
Perhaps one of the greatest learnings (hopefully!) of 2014 is that it is simply not possible to understand some people and even less make them happy and "normal" on your terms if these happen to be a lot of love and attention. Energy spent in vain that should better be channelled to things like e.g. learning a musical instrument yourself. Not even joking...


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