Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Modern Classic

On Saturday, I was at the Parndorf outlet. The intention was to find a replacement for my faded sporty Adidas bikini that I use for indoor swimming (mission: completed!) and, possibly, some early Christmas presents (mission: completed). I was this close to buying a dramatically reduced Burberry jacket (or, actually, there were 2 styles that tempted me) with a detachable inner lining-jacket, but then decided to give it a think and instead ended up buying a camel coat at Escada. It is a modern take on this ultimate classic with a knitted "belt", i.e. detailing in the waist-area and a hood. It was on the "samples" rack that were all in size 36, which happens to be my size. It was meant to be:
Here's a picture in daylight - the actual colour is somewhere in between, closer to the above picture. Love! Half the thrill of outlet shopping is seeing the original retail price on the tag. In this case, it was a whopping EUR 1,989 and I got it for, tadaaah, a mere EUR 339. Not exactly super duper cheap, but quite a steal for this quality:
Not that I needed to convince myself or have to find ways to justify this purchase, but I was happy nonetheless to find the camel coat being one of the One Hundred:

I don't agree with all items listed in that boo, but am definitely not disputing the camel coat!
Now, I am almost looking forward to this unseasonably warm weather to move over for more coat-appropriate temperatures...


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