Monday, September 01, 2014


Last week I was on a business trip in Warsaw. Love-hate is too strong a word, but my relationship with this most modern and "advanced" business trip destination of mine is a mixed one: I like its nice hotels and restaurants (the shops aren't too bad either!), but I have come to HATE its horrible traffic jams (apparently Warsaw is the Nr. 1 capital of Europe when it comes to road congestion) and eternal construction sites in the city centre. The Palace of Culture that is in close proximity to the Firm's office there is ugly and cool at the same time. Cool mostly at night. I always count my blessings I did not have to relocate to Warsaw when transferring to my present, CEE-centric, job-role 2.5 years ago. (Single) male expats are usually thrilled to move to the Polish capital as Polish girls have a reputation as being among the prettiest of Europe. From a female perspective I can only say that their male equivalents (mostly called Marcin, Piotr or Mariusz) would not quite be incentive enough for me...


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