Tuesday, August 05, 2014


cover of a notepad the Mademoiselle gave me. The pages inside have funny quotes such as "pain was too good for him" ;-)

This is officially the year of over-sharing on this blog. Now that you have already been invited to my cringe-worthy pity-party a couple of months ago when I tried to convince myself I was in love and then that I was heart-broken - both not really true in retrospect - I feel that we have reached a new level of (forced) intimacy here. One of the reasons why I have been able to tick off the subject of my springtime obsession so quickly and ultimately rather painlessly was because shortly afterwards somebody unexpectedly crossed my path who ticked more boxes I even knew existed. The only drawback being that he is none other than the previously mentioned infamous "Psycho" in my contacts list, ahem. Yes, so much about deleting all messages. There are new ones now. Chiquita, who was present when we first met and who has been my confidante on all things Psycho repeatedly asked me what on EARTH I liked about this creature (other than the fact that he is seriously good-looking). This past Sunday she had a sudden brainwave when watching her favourite TV-series, Doctor's Diary.  When we met on Sunday night, she solemnly told me: "I get it now! It's Marc-Meier-Syndrome" Genius! I couldn't agree more and since I admittedly had asked myself the same question, it felt like THE ultimate scientific answer to one of life's big riddles... Like my cousin, I loved "Doctor's Diary" and had a crush on Florian David Fitz, the actor who plays the evil Dr. Meier. Seriously, I want to eat him alive. If you don't know this extremely funny show, Marc Meier pretty much behaves like an asshole to the female protagonist all the time, which does not stop her from fancying him. As a spectator you sometimes flinch at his (verbal) cruelty but yet can understand her as he is simply so hot. Plus he's not a stupid brute after all, but a doctor, so can't be all bad. Since I don't have a worse inferiority complex than the average person and no masochistic tendencies that I know of, I didn't think I would ever have a soft spot for somebody with seriously rude and selfish behavior, but there you go: I'm a certified sufferer of MMS, what can I do?


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