Tuesday, July 22, 2014

42 is the new 22

If you have been paying attention to my outfit photos in the Instagram widget in the sidebar, you might have realised that I've been going out quite a bit lately. In fact, I don't remember going OUT out (as opposed to just meeting friends for a film or dinner) so often since my student days. I've joked with Chiquita, whom I often enlist to accompany me that, apparently, 42 is the new 22. I won't deny that I don't have any wild stories to tell of my twens or thirties even, so it seems I am trying to make up for it now...occasional juvenile behaviour (or let's call it errors of judgment, rather) and all. What's worse is that I don't even have the popular excuse of alcohol to blame as I never get drunk and should in theory be able to make sound decisions. In any case, I'm quite enjoying the fact that I get to give my nice party-gear a bit of airtime and also the reassurance that not EVERYone in this town my age is married with kids and leads a life that feels at times diametrically opposed to mine. Mind you, some of the single men out and about make you think there is a good reason why they are not in the "married-with-kids" camp, but they are probably thinking the same about me, fair enough.


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