Sunday, June 29, 2014

Signature Scent

I love peonies. They are beautiful and the smell is divine and in my opinion much better than that of roses. My long-time signature scent was the now discontinued Stella in 2: Peony by Stella McCartney. I wore it for years and got many compliments for it. I seem to have a thing for perfumes that are on the way out: Automne by Van Cleef &Arpels was another firm favourite of mine. The same applies to male scents: when I first started going out with Mr. TD, he wore Heaven by Chopard, which I found heavenly indeed and would recognise among hundreds of perfumes in a second. My number one male scent favourite, likewise discontinued, that literally makes me go weak at the knees (and I'm not exaggerating) is Eau des 4 Voleurs by L'Occitane.
In a parallel universe, I would work for the perfume or make-up industry and I actually have a very good memory of scents and often surprise people by guessing correctly what scent they are wearing. I don't quite understand women who own a whole army of perfume bottles and rotate them daily as I, personally, love associating scents with certain people, even if I they are not ones that I would ever wear myself.
For years now I have worn Voyage by Hermès. I have gone through a handful of refill bottles that look like this:
I love the fresh scent of this unisex fragrance that also comes in a stronger variation in a dark bottle (that I don't like). Strangely enough a male colleague of mine who sits in the same room at work as me also wears it, but other than that I have never met anybody who also has this. Applying it is an instant mood-lift and even though I started wearing it long before transferring to my travel-intense job-role, the name couldn't fit me any better. I like Hermès scents in general and Terre is firm male fragrance favourite of mine.
What's your signature scent?


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