Monday, June 16, 2014

Shooting in the Dark

I am one of these people completely unaffected by the Football World Cup. And yet I participated in our "office bet" initiated by a colleague without a second thought (see screenshot of parts of it above). In fact I think it is even more fun to bet at things that you are absolutely clueless about. When I was in Sydney, I at least won back my stakes at the office sweepstakes for the Melbourne Cup and as long as it is only a small amount (EUR 5 in this case) I don't mind. Who knows, I might be as lucky as my maternal grandmother who won the second prize in "Toto" in the early 1950s without having a clue about football either, if not in the monetary sense. Back then, Granny actually changed family history since the money won was enough for a down-payment on a shop in Carinthia, where the family subsequently moved from the Russian-occupied Burgenland region. She used to say that the first prize might have prompted them to emigrate to Australia, something which spurred my imagination a lot when I was a child as I imagined what my own fate would have been in that case.


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