Sunday, June 08, 2014


Like smell and taste, music has the power to transport us back to certain moments in time in erm, no time, and I could easily put together a compilation of songs for certain periods of my life. Sometimes you hear a song that you have heard many times before and it feels particularly meaningful at this very moment. Case in point, Lana del Rey's Summertime Sadness that I heard on the radio the other day. Something tells me that this will be the song I'll associate with my recent crashed crush in years to come.
Other "charged" songs of my life in case you are interested (and don't worry, they don't just have negative associations):
Seal, Kiss from a Rose (always on the radio when I started going out with Mr. TD)
Mika, Relax and Katy Perry, I Kissed a Girl (listening to it at full blast on Fridays in the office and dancing around like maniacs on crack with the Empress: fun times!)
Soft Cell, Tainted Love (the song I always asked DJs to play when I was young and clubs were still called "discos")
Angus & Julia Stone, Wasted (or indeed any of the songs of the same album: reminds me of my 3 months in Sydney and my friendship with the Australian who had the CD in her car when I visited her in Brisbane)
Lucio Battisti, Mi Ritorni in Mente (a highschool exchange in Perugia where my host sister introduced me to this great singer. At the same time it reminds me of my Erasmus-year in Dublin where I helped cure an Italian friend's homesickness by lending him my tape of Lucio B's songs.
Eros Ramazzotti, Adesso Tu (and many more Italian 80s songs: falling in love with an Italian guy called Dario at another school exchange to Italy. I still know this song by heart)
Billy Joel, We Didn't Start the Fire (the heyday of my friendship with the Mermaid and another classmate, as we were in a serious Billy Joel phase back then)
the Beatles, Eleanor Rigby (the song that the Mermaid and I, both avid Beatles fans, wanted to have played at our respective funerals when we were in our early teens. Yep, you make playlists for your funeral when your are at the height of puberty)
Bon Jovi, Livin on a Prayer (serious and unrequited crush on a guy the year above me at school who was said to be a Bon Jovi Fan. I wasn't at all, but convinced myself I liked this song too...)
David Bowie, the Man Who Sold the World (this song reminds me of my late teenage years and Vespa-driving years like no other)
You'll have realised by now that I am an Olympic gold medalist in Wallowing with a capital W and I am totally the type of person who searches on YouTube for "sad songs" (which is then auto-completed to " make you cry", somewhat worryingly). I may or may not have done this earlier this week. When I did, I remembered that the book in the photo above is among my pile of unread books. I once stumbled over it when browsing on Amazon and put it on my wishlist. Accidentally, I had clicked on the German translation, which my Dad then got me 2 Christmasses ago. It was lurking at the back of the pile and will now be studied with due attention. And, yes, I have a weird and macabre sense of humour. Me in a nutshell.
My feelgood summer-song last year, btw, was Bruno Mars, Locked out of Heaven. I still love it, in particular its naughty lyrics...


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