Friday, June 06, 2014


I don't know about you, but even if you are not one of these people women who are constantly on the quest for that perfect pair of jeans, you might still agree that jeans ought to fulfill the following criteria: perfect dye, perfect length, not so tight that they pinch your innards, not so stretchy that they fall off after half a day of wear, not too high-waisted so they look as if you borrowed them from your Mum, not too low-cut to reveal half your bum when you bend over. The list goes on.
Well, in my lunchbreak today I found a pair that fits the bill quite nicely. And no, I don't usually wear jeans with "heels", rather with flats and trainers. I just put them on for the pop of colour:
For lack of a photographer at hand I had to try and capture a semi-rear-view in the mirror. Pretty pleased with the fit overall. The blouse I'm wearing (viscose, sleeves can be pulled up) I bought en passant at Dika in Sofia and really love the colour which is more or less the same as my eyes. Oh, and my bed, too...


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