Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Durian and Fish Spa: YOLO!

On our first full day in Singapore, we explored Chinatown and its 'hood and when I spotted a place advertising ice-cream with green tea and red beans, I decided it was the perfect refreshment. The Australian was easily convinced and so we sat down for our little treat. The chatty (and somewhat bored, we were the only patrons) Philippino waiter asked if we had ever tried durian. I hadn't and so I accepted a free tasting of the durian ice-cream set. The Australian was cautious as she already knew she was not a fan, but I tucked in. Below you see the innocent-looking offering. The darker blob is durian flesh, the lighter ginger-infused ice-shavings. What can I say? It definitely doesn't taste of fruit at all, but of a rich, fatty aged Camembert or some such pungent cheese with an aftertaste of...baby puke? Not that I have ever had the privilege to sample some.
I had the taste in my mouth for the rest of the day, too. Bleurgh. There definitely is a reason why it is forbidden to carry one of these beasts on public transport. Below left you see the unpeeled fruit:
Now that we had ticked off the durian-tasting, what was left was the fish spa, something the Australian had on her must-do list and I was curious to experience as well. Basically, you dip your feet into a fish tank with doctor fish who like to nibble on your dead skin. It's nowhere near as effective as a proper pedicure as they seemed to focus on my ankles more than the soles of my feet, but I liked the ticklish sensation and feeling of mild electrocution. The fishies looked happy as well:
It was definitely the nicer of the two "challenges" and didn't leave a disgusting aftertaste!


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