Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SINful Goodies

Before I continue with sightseeing pics of Singapore, I wanted to share my still lives of goodies in/from Singapore. Both the Australian and I arrived with goodies (including reading matter) for each other, including some from/for Mademoiselle. Laid out on our pristine bedsheets:
And this is what I bought in Singapore. Not much, as you can see, which was alright. Just some t-shirts (and a blue linen shirt from Uniqlo, not pictured as it was in the laundry basket), tea and little bits and pieces. I also completed the mission to buy a pair of white Converse sneakers as I heard they were a lot cheaper there than in Europe. My Singapore haul, nicely arranged: 
I don't know if I will EVER quite master the art of packing light, though. Every time I keep telling myself that next time I shall dramatically reduce the number of outfits and shoes I pack, but alas...still bringing way too many rags.


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