Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Offline in Off-Season

Last weekend I was in Venice, redeeming a Christmas gift from my Mum. The weather was as nice as it was in Paris the previous weekend and so the "programme" was equally chilled. On top of that, I was offline for 48 hours as I decided it was really ridiculous to pay for the hotel WiFi (even if it was only EUR 5/day) since I was not there on a business trip and all I would have done was post pictures on Instagram or catch up on Bloglovin. Did not hurt me and the world did not stop spinning. I probably gained 15 valuable minutes a day I otherwise would have lost for checking my phone.
 I resisted most of retail's temptations...
 ...took a walk by the beach at Lido
 ...liked the lavishly decorated and conveniently located hotel just as much as my Mum had who had stayed there last summer when she was there for the Biennale.
I made my first visit to the island of Burano and much preferred it to Murano, where I have been many times.
 We also took every opportunity to soak up some rays of sunshine.
 I still have not ridden in a gondola and still find that they look morbid and coffin-like...
Much as I love living in Austria, it IS a pity that we are a land-locked country and those Habsburg emperors did a bad job at defending our access to the sea. Oh, well, as long as Venice is only approximately 4 hours from Klagenfurt by car, let's not dwell on this flaw in our topographical portfolio...


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