Monday, February 10, 2014

Something(s) Blue

Hello from Zagreb, where my nice hotel welcomed me with a warm chocolate chip cookie and "sweet dreams" embroidered pillow. I arrived tonight and was at the airport pretty early so for the first time ever checked out the (Star Alliance) lounge near G-gates. Pretty much all the men were glued to the flatscreen tv, watching some broadcast from the Winter Olympics, while I opened my computer and pretended to be busy, simultaneously testing both cakes that were on offer (yum, yum, both)...The reason why I retraced my steps one level down to the lounge was because I already did some damage at Duty Free 2 minutes after entering the non-Schengen departure area. I seriously was not planning to buy anything, but when this beautiful Codello scarf (90% wool, 10% silk) in exactly the same blue (darker in real life than in the picture) as the Tommy Hilfiger bargain I made at P&C in KLU on Saturday caught my eyes, I had to stop. Thanks to the lovely lady at the counter offering me a Heinemann loyalty card, I got it for a further 10% off the sales price, eventually paying 27 EUR instead of 79. Not bad! The trousers, by the way were originally 99 EUR, but I bagged them for 39. They are seriously lovely and even my Mum, who is only too aware of my overflowing wardrobe(s) and often tries to curb my enthusiasm when it comes to pouncing on bargains, agreed that they are a great fit and I had to get them.
I'll try to be good at least until my return.


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