Monday, February 03, 2014

Girly Gifts

I really can't complain about the presents I got for my birthday this year, and I haven't even met all potential gift-bearers... On my actual birthday, I went for an age (and killer cold) appropriate dinner with some friends and my favourite cousin and here's a highlight of the lovely gifts I got then plus from 2 other friends on the weekend. Can you see a theme to the "girly gifts" in the still life below?
I love the dainty ring I got from my cousins and the lovely Iittala glasses Mademoiselle gave me:
The day before my birthday, I got a surprise pressie in Sofia from my Bulgarian colleagues. It's an infinity scarf from a Bulgarian designer label and one of a kind. I really like the retro pattern:
When I last saw Snow White, I admired her Swarovski wrap bracelet, or "slake" as they call it. Her being the thoughtful and generous friend she is, she got me one plus wrote some of the nicest things I have ever received in writing on the card (that came with a CD) in the background: 
So as I said: not complaining here!


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