Thursday, December 26, 2013


I hope you had a nice Christmas, everyone! Just in case you were kept awake at night, wondering what yours truly was wearing on Christmas Eve, let me introduce this year's "Christmas party staple" that I have worn two two office Christmas parties (1x Warsaw, 1x Vienna) plus the family one: a black cardigan with a mirrored gold-thread ornament in the front that I bought on my most recent trip to Sofia. It has an old-fashioned vibe (in fact my Mum said it reminded her of one of my great-aunts), but I personally find that it is a mere (tongue-in-cheek) nod to old ladies and find it rather hip. It is from a Polish brand that was new to me and which is apparently very widespread in CEE, Reserved. I bought it at their recently opened branch at the Mall and just wandered in out of boredom. Prices were low, but quality predominantly crappy, with manmade fibers abounding. The cute pink cardigan I bought for my goddaughter from their children's collection and my own cardigan were pretty much the only pieces with good quality, made out of natural fibres. Overall, I'm not an advocate of this brand as it seems to target younger shoppers with little budget and a high affinity for polyester. Here's my jem anyway:
I'm very happy with it and also like the fact that it has a decent length. For me, it is testament to the fact that it often pays off to set foot into stores that don't look too promising at first sight!


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