Monday, December 02, 2013


If you are following me on G+ (my private account) or Instagram, you have recently been spammed with sunset pictures already. If you are not, I am subjecting you to them here for the first time:
Not bad, eh? I took all these pictures with my phone as the contrast didn't come out as well on my camera. I saw the first spectacular sunset over a "sea of clouds" as I was approaching Klagenfurt on Thursday afternoon and was actually considering stopping my car once I had exited the motorway to take some photos. Thankfully, it was only gearing up to fiery climax once I had arrived and I got an even more impressive repeat show on Friday when I took the pictures above from my balcony. No more sunsets on Saturday after it had snowed in the morning, but it really was a sight and I was not the only one impressed by it. My mum had a friend calling her from another part of town who asked if she had looked out of the window and on Thursday I saw a guy on a bridge with a tripod who was no doubt shooting better photos than I had.


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