Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hello, my petals! I am writing this perched on my hotel bed in Sofia, where I am until Thursday. This is actually my tenth visit to this lovely city and I am loving it more each time I come.
Remember that I recently wrote about Cocosa and its high shipping fees? Well, a few days later I did just what I said I would: ordered two items that I felt justified the high postage more than just a flimsy scarf. Welcome to my logic...Can we just stop to admire their beautiful packaging that elevates it from online to classy boutique shopping:
One of the pieces I had ordered was a "wallet on a chain" from Rebecca Minkoff, whose bags I really like. They only had one (frontally captured) photo on the website and for some reason, I couldn't find many helpful shots of this silver version online either. As it was significantly reduced I took the plunge and ordered it. Only to be surprised that the lining and sides were bright purple! 
And by bright I DO mean bright:
Thanfully, I really like purple, so it was fine, but I do have a chicken to pluck with Cocosa and promptly wrote feedback as my next item was also not described accurately. While it had 3 pictures, including a close-up, the material was described as 100% silk when it actually is no such thing. Thankfully, it is not polyester, which I don't "do", full stop, but a viscose-blend, but I was still annoyed. Below you see a screenshot from my phone. Oh, all pics from this post are from my phone, actually, so sorry for the mediocre quality:

This dress, in which I saw great LBD potential was the really risky purchase. Had it not fit, I'm not sure what I would have done so as not to have to return it with "trackable shipping" as is required by Cocosa and which obviously costs a fortune. I had a gut-feeling that it would fit and am pleased to report that it does. I am very happy by the fit and it is that gorgeous type of fabric that probably won't crease after a long night out and travel well, too:
I love the way the peplum waist detail makes it look like a skirt/top combo and the neckline is lowcut without being too revealing. Definite Christmas or NYE party material, don't you think? 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Simply stunning!

11/19/2013 10:15:00 AM  

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