Friday, November 15, 2013

No Freezing For Isabel

So yesterday morning the much-anticipated Isabel Marant pour H&M collection launched. It was a choice of queuing in the store outside the store (2 mins from our office, but anyway) before its gates opened at 9:00 or despairing over the crashing website where the sale was supposed to start at 10:00. I did try the latter but the website was down until after lunchtime, so the Firm's equally fashion-obsessed intern and I hopped over to H&M at 11:30 and each grabbed a piece. In fact she got the sweatshirt I had wanted in the first place and which I "let her have" (I can be nice if I want to) and I ended up buying those printed jeans above even though I hadn't planned on buying any. They are very low-cut which is why you see me sporting a sexaaaay (Not) muffin top in the linen shirt of IMxH&M, which I didn't take. Worn with a belt and paired with a sturdier fabric, the jeans will be great and I'm pretty pleased I got them. They are really well-made and I love the "ruffles" and stitching details on the legs.


Blogger alcessa said...

They are lovely, indeed :-)

I was despairing over the online gates being shut on me for so long, but in the afternoon, I did get in: I got myself a men's tee (black and white, pure linen :-). And this morning, lo and behold, I could still buy that lacy top (black) because it was available - unlike yesterday!

(I soooo like that jacket (you know) ... but 300 eur is too much - luckily it was sold out)

11/15/2013 10:38:00 AM  

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