Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Kaleidoscope X

It is over a year (!) ago that I last did one of these. Well, here we go again. I have to say I am feeling tired rather than recharged after this weekend, mainly due to the fact that I'm almost finished emptying my bedroom for the painter. My living room and study now are an obstacle course with almost all the floorspace covered (see picture 5). To relax, I did a bit of baking and enjoyed the beautiful autumn colours:
1. Afternoon tea with my lovely cousins on Saturday, the younger of whom has been a vegan for a year now. I made No-Bake Oreo Cookie Pie which I had tested before (note that this requires to be frozen so is not the recipe for a spontaneous tea party) and vegan cinnamon buns (I halved this recipe and still got 15), both of which turned out really nice even if I say so myself.
2. and 3.: Walk with Mademoiselle before treating ourselves to dessert at Café Florianihof on Sunday
4. Pumpkin Pie that is still cooling as I am writing this and will be brought to the office tomorrow. I bought a can of pureed pumpkin at the British supermarket in Vienna, but could not find pumpkin spice anywhere. Google is your friend: I found a super-easy recipe and it smells just like Starbucks's PSLs which I am currently addicted to (I always go for the skinny version, without whipped cream as I don't like cream in beverages).
5. A little sneak-peek at the chaos that is currently my living-room. I almost chucked that Invicta rucksack you see in the background out, but then held onto it for nostalgic reasons: it sums up my teenage years and the "Italophile phase" I was undergoing. All the cool Italians had Invicta rucksacks and so had my crush at school. It follows that I needed one myself...


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