Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Know, I Know...

Yes, I absolutely did not need this, but it was beckoning to me already when I last passed through Duty Free at the G gates of VIE airport.
I know that I own way too many bottles of nail polish already and so do you, but I could not resist this travel-sized (!) set of Dior (!!) polishes in an elegant travel pouch (!!!). Could not.
So fork out ze credit card I did and admired this baby in my chic hotel room last night, testing out the base and top coats and grey polish. Here's another shot if you want to join me in drooling over it:
You're welcome.
Speaking of my hotel room: I am writing this from Sense Hotel Sofia, where I got upgraded to the Deluxe room, which is actually a suite and is right opposite the rather impressive Austrian embassy building in case I get homesick or get involved in a diplomatic crisis:
If you look closely, you see the red-white-red flag next to the EU one fluttering in the wind. This morning at 7 local time, I already splashed around in the hotel pool. Not complaining!


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