Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The One that got away...

Do you ever lust after something, put it in your (virtual) shopping cart and then step on the brake 10 cms away from the checkout till when you realise that shipping costs are disproportionately high in relation to the item you are thinking of ordering? Well, the above scarf which I had the opportunity to buy already twice from Cocosa has sold out again after I had it in my shopping cart and then refused to pay almost 16 € for shipping of a flimsy scarf. I mean, seriously? I have paid less for having furniture delivered to me. I know that they ship it by express courier service, but I can do without that and patiently wait for it to arrive by plain old priority mail.
Be that as it may it is one damn sexy scarf and I am quite close to doing the usual next time they have this beauty in stock, i.e. convincing myself that the rip-off postage fee is not all that painful when you order MORE. You don't get this logic? Well, welcome to my world then...


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