Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FRA Shopping

Now for the shopping. We didn't actually do too much damage as the focus lay on culture, but I had nevertheless looked up the best area for shopping. Frankfurt's main shopping street, Zeil, really was quite nice as was the huge mall, MyZeil with pretty spectacular architecture. We had lunch at a nice Asian place on the 4th floor and rested our legs while people-watching. I didn't buy anything there, but at a department store, where I found 2 lovely pairs of thin woolen gloves:
With my bad track record of losing single gloves, I hope they will remain united for quite some time. Other than that, I just bought tea and other little tidbits, such as some nail care stuff from P2 that is not available in Austria despite this being an Austrian brand originally. Well, my Mum ended up getting me an advance Christmas present...a handbag. Yep, SURPRISE! I dragged her into the Mavi store in the vain hope of them stocking my beloved "Alexa" jeans. When I passed this bag, I immediately thought "this reminds me of Liebeskind Berlin":
The colour doesn't come out in the picture, but it's a lovely saturated green and the leather is very soft and slouchy. It was made by Liebeskind Berlin for Mavi and looks just like one of their bags done to the very last detail:
What was best, was the price: it was reduced to EUR 65. Done deal! It is the same size as the LB bag I already own, meaning that I can use it for business travel even and fit my Macbook Air into it:
My Mum has given up reminding me that I really don't need any more bags, in case you were wondering...


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