Thursday, February 06, 2014

Happy Birthday (and Easter and Christmas) to Me

On top of the nice things I got from my friends (and I am looking forward to opening more pressies when I go to KLU on the weekend), I also found some things to treat myself. Because, you know, I'm worth it. Some of them were on sale, others not. 
If you read UK glossy mags, you might know the random compilation of classifieds on the last pages. Among ads for nose jobs and sex toys marketed as massage devices (wink, wink) I saw an ad for the "Travelling Cashmere Wrap" that folds into a square. I mean, hello?!, I obvsiously needed this for all my travelling. I chose grey:
 Looking a bit strange because of my camera-hand lifting it up, but you get the idea:
On Monday, I popped into Steffl to buy some makeup brush cleanser from MAC. Which I did. But then these Marc Jacobs mouse flats (50% off!) called out to me. They found a new happy home:
 Last Friday, I picked up my Robbie Williams concert tickets from the ticket counter in MQ and then walked towards Westbahnhof via Mariahilfer Str. Dangerous, as I decided to take a look at the Peak Performance sale to see if they had any interesting skiing anoraks. I picked up this beauty in bright green and pink which will be just the perfect lightweight material for our office ski trip in late March. Absolute necessity, you'll agree. It was 30% off, but still nowhere near "cheap":
 Loving the green in particular:
Cocosa is always really tempting, which is why I chose to not even look on most days. Well, last week I did and found out they had the Rebekka Minkoff Mac (as opposed to the Mini Mac) for a seriously attractive price, in a seriously nice champagne colour. Signed, sealed, delivered:
On other online-shopping news: I fell in love at first sight with this Sonia Rykiel silk blouse that was offered for 50% off (again, still not exactly cheapo) at Zalando Privé. The silk feels really luxurious and the pattern is so "me":
Here's a close-up of the beauty I have yet to wear:
I am not planning on any more splurges in the near future, but then again I have business trips to potentially dangerous places lined up.


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