Monday, March 10, 2014


I visited the Empress in Paris this past weekend and the first question everybody asked me was not "Did you have a great time/good weather?" or some such but "Did you do a lot of shopping?" I guess I am a bit predictable in that regard, ahem. As a matter of fact, the weather was so lovely (short-sleeves-weather on Sunday) that we spent most of our time sitting outside cafés, eating ice-cream and taking it easy. We saw two exhibitions, one on Condé Nast fashion photography (excellent!) and one in a tiny museum on "Barbie Retro Chic" (my choice and quite cute):
 Drink of our choice:
 One of the few shops I wanted to pop into was the Diptyque store (a sight in itself) where I bought two candles, one of them limited edition:
We were not quite the only ones who thought it was a great idea to sit in the park:
On Sunday, we did a boat tour on the Seine to further work on our tan and learn that most buildings had been burned down at one time (how can stones burn, by the way?).
A French relative of Godzilla posing on the banks of the river with a certain famous tower in the background:
Casual footwear to reflect our casual mood...
This weekend I'm in Venice and hoping for great weather and lots of Vaporetto rides!


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