Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day. Not very much on my radar when I was in a relationship. Even less so now that I am old and single. However, who am I to say no to nice goodies that come in hot pink wrapping paper, even if I pay for them myself? When Niche Beauty sent me a newsletter offering a "free" goodie box worth 150 EUR if you spend 150 (I know, I know), I was of course lured in by the promise of full-sized baume de rose, Deborah Lippman and many more:
I justified my order that I just stocked up on stuff I *needed*. Ultimately, it turned out cheaper, as one of the items wasn't in stock and EUR 49 was refunded to my PayPal account. I was anxious that this meant the loss of the precious goodie box, but it didn't and I got it for "only" 101. Yay! When I returned to the office this morning, my Niche Beauty order was waiting for me together with the Valentine's Day themed February glossybox. Hello, pink overload!

So this is the content of the "free" box. I was particularly curious about the much-hyped baume de rose. It really is lovely even though I would never fork out € 46 for a 10 ml pot in real life. (Other than than being the easy marketing prey I am and ordering 3 times as much, but let's just pretend I'm good at calculating, for a change). Tadaaaah:
I can't wait until I've played around with every single item. Entertainment on Valentine's Day = check!


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