Monday, March 03, 2014

The Most-Worn Item in my Wardrobe

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@wastingmytalent) or occasionally take a look at the IG widget in the sidebar will notice that I take picture of my outfits of the day more or less daily. It also serves as a handy visual diary of good combinations and reminder of things I should wear more often. Naturally new favourites (like my green poodle jumper) and bags are in more frequent rotation compared to other things in my huge collection of...everything, basically. My most-worn item of clothing, however, is a belt. It's not even a pretty one, either:
I ordered it from La Redoute, back in the days when they had an Austrian domain. It's buckle is now a weird blend of silver and brass and the insides of the leather are blue from bleeding denim dyes. I love it so much as it is just the perfect length, softness of material and also fits really snugly without protruding too much if your top covers it (some belts make you look as if you had a hump or bulge of fat underneath your jumper). The silver colour also goes with pretty much anything and I wish I had ordered 2 or more to have a backup when this one ultimately becomes too grubby looking to wear out in the open.
It's not that I don't have other any belts, just FYI: 
The silver belt (I think it was max. €20) is worn 90% of the time I wear a belt and therefore is definitely the most-worn items in my wardrobe. What is yours?


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