Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unfinished Business

My only window of opportunity to go powershopping in Dublin was on Monday night, when I hopped into a cab with a colleague at 5:30. Shops close at 7 on most days, so we split up for maximum efficiency. I only went to few shops, but remembered to hunt for the one pair of shoes that got away and that I couldn't find online (and shippable to AT) anywhere. I had fallen in love with a pair of Clarks shoes in London and when idling around at Heathrow airport (and ultimately buying a pair of blue suede shoes) tried them on and was annoyed that they didn't have my size. The 5 1/2 was slightly too big and the 5 only came in the other (uni-coloured) styles that weren't halfway as cool. I wanted these babies:
Since we don't have a Clarks store in Vienna and usually just a small collection in shoe-stores, I wanted to try my luck in Dublin and BINGO! They didn't have my size in the first outlet I tried, either, but I got the sales person to call another branch, where a size 5 was waiting to be snatched up by yours truly. I love the combination of the 3 colours and they are really comfortable, too. Mission completed.


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