Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have told you about my Mum's various upcycling projects before. When you  have someone like that in your family or circle of friends, you constantly have this nagging feeling (well, if you are me, anyway) that you should do something like that yourself. I have plenty of ideas and just as many half-finished projects lying around the house. When, on a recent visit to KLU, my Mum asked me if I cared for a few old jumpers or she could make something out of them, I grabbed 2 Benetton jummpers I hadn't worn in quite some time and immediately had an idea. I had been lusting after jumpers with a heart-shape on the front for quite some time, but either didn't really like the ones I saw (some with sequins that were too bimbo-ish) or found them too expensive. This is the little DIY-project I embarked on and that took me all of 30 mins. The raw material, if you so wish:
I cut off one sleeve from the green jumper and with the aid of a paper template cut out a heart shape:
I then sewed it onto the purple jumper with a zig-zag stitch and also added some green "cuffs" to the arms. The rest of the green jumper I'll give to my Mum for a project of hers:
I ironed it to flatten everything down and this is what it looks like on me.
I'm really pleased with the outcome and love these two colours together.


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