Sunday, April 27, 2014

That Pool, Though!

Hello again! I hope you all had a good Easter weekend/vacation. I had a GREAT time in Singapore with the lovely Australian. I am planning to write at least one more post on the highlights of Singapore, but wanted to quickly share my personal highlight that was the reason why I wanted to visit in the first place. The amazing superduper incredible pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It really is almost Wonder of the World territory in my humble opinion. But see for yourself where we spent a substantial part of every day:
Apart from having great fun watching hundreds of selfies being taken in the water (tripods and waterproof camera covers and all) every day, it was quite fascinating to observe the reaction in people when they first stepped out on the 57th floor and saw that pool for the first time. A lot like a child experiencing the first Christmas ever, admiring the lit candles on the Christmas tree. Absolute wonderment and happiness. We were no exception and could hardly tear our eyes away from the skyline from the skyline, either. The pool is only open to hotel guests, but visitors can get a peek from the Ku Dé Ta bar adjacent to the pool, which is not too shabby either. We had a mojito or two almost every night there. If you ever get the chance to visit Singapore and want to spoil yourself, book this hotel, make sure to get a room with "city view" (vs. garden view) and bring your bikini. It is definitely a stay (and swim) to remember.


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