Friday, April 11, 2014

No Matter How Busy I Am

...there is always time to pick up a handbag en route. I returned from Krakow last morning (no time for jetlag) and had a busy 2 days there with spare time. Thankfully, however, our office is right on the beautiful main square and as you can guess, there are shops nearby. My colleague and I were itching to burn some zlotys and I found this cute little bag at Parfois that really puts me in a spring mood:
You can open both zippers on the side to reveal a contrast pattern as demonstrated with one side flap above. It was very affordable and also comes in other styles. Just search for "dragonfly" on the site.
So much for my little purchase. I will be in KLU and SOF before heading to SIN(gapore) next Friday. The big Rimova suitcase is ready...


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