Tuesday, April 08, 2014

That's one way of putting it

When my driver (who had chauffeured me before) picked me up yesterday, he asked a question, half-joking, that sums up my recent crazy travelling quite well, "What is it you have against your apartment that you do everything to avoid it." Good one. In fact, ever since I finished the monster task of emptying my bedroom and having it completely redone, I have barely spent any quality time there, nor got started on any of the lovely creative projects I had envisioned doing there. I promised the painter that I would call him for painting my guest bedroom (where there is a nasty water stain on the ceiling, already paid for by the upstairs tenants' insurance) "probably not before Christmas". I simply could not face spending the rare evenings and weekends I spend in Vienna dragging my possessions from one room to the other AGAIN. I will call the guy soon to fix a date as otherwise it probably never gets done. Speaking of date - I recently got asked by a guy "do you even have time for a boyfriend what with all your travelling?" Well, I like to think I do and the thought of somebody looking forward to my return is not exactly something unpleasant. I might have to meet Prince Charming at the airport gate. So far, no luck, only boring men in ill-fitting suits that are glued to their Dell computers or Blackberries...


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