Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Singapore Signs

I always like to take pictures of interesting signs, be it because the typography calls out to me or because the actual words are funny. Far East Asia is usually a treasure trove for the latter category. Signs I saw in Singapore were all in idiomatic English, but some were quite cute and original, such as this one for a coffee shop:
I also liked the left sign above the phone cases a lot:
This one was quite hilarious for entirely different reasons: an Austrian sausage stall, manned by a guy called Erich. They apparently had it all: Käsekrainer, Stiegl beer, Austrian-style dark bread. I wasn't tempted to have a greasy sausage in the stifling heat, nor do I ever drink beer, but kudos to Erich's entrepreneurial spirit all the same!
This notice board looks pretty standard at first glance, but not so much at second (click to enlarge). "Try pants. If you like'll love pants" WTF?


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