Monday, May 19, 2014

A Girly Weekend in Munich

This past weekend I visited a lovely friend & colleague in Munich. If the pseudonym "l'Italiana" weren't already taken on this blog, it would also perfectly apply to her since she was born to Italian parents in Munich. I got to know her better while she spent 3 months on rotation in Vienna, same as I spent a quarter in Sydney back in 2011. As we got along so well and I showed her some of my favourite spots in Vienna, we decided I would spend a weekend in Munich soon. Well, the soon didn't really happen due to both of our (well, mostly mine) travelling, but I finally made it. Since her flat is on the small side and doesn't have a spare bedroom, I stayed in a hotel nearby. If you are planning to visit Munich and don't insist on staying in the very city center, I can wholeheartedly recommend Bold Hotel in the "Giesing" district. It's a mere 6 subway stops away from the central railway station where I arrived, inexpensive for a city of this calibre and location like this, and really nicely furnished:
I didn't take many pictures at all for several reasons. First of all, I had been there twice before already and taken photos of the usual suspects and second, the weather (on Saturday at least) was not that great. If you follow me on Instagram (@wastingmytalent or are stalking the widget in the sidebar here, you'll have seen more photos from my hotel and a collage of the great homemade Italian Sunday lunch I ate). Here's a placeholder photo of nice native flowers from Viktualienmarkt:
Needless to say some shopping occurred and while I resisted the urge to pick up a nice Kate Spade bag that was well below my pain threshold too, I fell in love with this Max & Co. statement necklace and the colour of this linen top from Massimo Dutti: 
While I tend not to pop into stores we have in Vienna as well we ended up in 2 COS branches and I bought this lovely navy summer dress that looks great with the necklace too:
Our girly programme also included a "parallel pedicure", i.e. we had appointments at the same time. As the ladies were rather quick and brutal we joked that they would be a better fit for an SM studio. Well, we survived.


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