Saturday, June 14, 2014

Love Thy Neighbour

This week, I was in Bratislava twice. First with my Mum on the Whitsun weekend, then with my manager and HRK for a two-day event that I was in charge of. I stayed at the same hotel on both occasions (and can wholeheartedly recommend it) and on both occasions the weather was very hot and summery. I had last been there 4 years ago and found the city-centre changed (i.e. modernised/renovated) a lot. It is shocking how many people who have lived in Vienna for years - or indeed all their lives - have never been to Bratislava despite the fact that these are the closest European capitals. It is almost shocking how close.
This time, I went by bus and boat for a change. In fact, taking the TwinCity Liner was part of the birthday voucher my Mum redeemed and it was pretty impressive how fast that ship cruised to Vienna. The bus is very convenient and super cheap at the same time. Below are some impressions from the Slovak capital. In case you haven't been there yet yourself, perhaps they inspire you to pay it a visit:


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