Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Misery Loves Company

The Firm likes to pride itself of being a big happy family and indeed most people get along with one another unusually well. Case in point, my lovely Croatian kolegica (let's call her HRK) who is literally young enough to be my daughter had I been a teenage Mum and yet SO on my wavelength in oh so many ways. She is the strongest and brightest woman (and also one of the most stunningly beautiful) I know, which makes you want to hate her already, right? She is also one of the funniest people with the dirtiest sense of humour and possibly the only person on this planet who really gets my humour as well. We get on with one another so well that I invited her to stay at my place the night before a meeting together with our manager in Vienna (today) and we already knew before that it would be a Bitchfest Deluxe as we are both very disgruntled, relationship-wise as her message above shows. The two little pictures say it all and made me snort out loud. My feelings exactly, only I would choose a blond avatar...
Unlike me, HRK usually has about 3 potential suitors to choose from at any moment in time, but we both seem to scare men away by being too direct and "intelligent" (not by self-definition, but male feedback). The most recent addition to my list of offenses: being called "intellectual" as if was very negative indeed. HRK and I both agree that our success rate would triple or quadruple if we said we worked at the supermarket checkout and talked half as much, spending the rest of the time fluttering our eyelashes and nodding in awe. We both appear much stronger and more carefree than we actually are and are certified sociopath-magnets. This makes for great conversation topics and when I took her out last night, some people's ears seriously must have been burning. And it's a relief to know that she is also the obsessive kind. More on just what I mean with "obsessive" tomorrow...


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