Saturday, June 21, 2014


There are (many) moments when I moan about my job (even if it is admittedly one that many people would kill for), but there are quite a few moments when I truly love the Firm. This November sees our big annual conference with several thousands of attendees in Las Vegas and they gave us the option to book flights that deviated from the conference dates, including multi-leg itineraries, through the appointed travel agency. If your desired itinerary is within the fare cap, you don't need to pay extra, if it is above, your personal credit card will be charged. Well, for me it is a great opportunity to spend the weekend with B1 from the book club, who always complains that nobody ever visits her. B2 and I already visited her about a decade ago when she lived in Alexandria and she has since moved to another city with A, in another part of the country: Athens, GA. The closest airport is ATL(anta) and this is where my stopover will be. I was super happy that I didn't even have to pay extra and am really looking forward to catching up with my friend and getting to see where she and her family (4 kids!) live, plus visiting 2 cities that are new to me.
My main association with Athens is R.E.M., the band, and with Atlanta it's Coca-Cola, hence the random photo of our office fridge that is always well-stocked with caffeine fuel. Atlanta is of course also famous for Martin Luther King, but since I am a superficial person who is partial to the occasional can or bottle of Coke (and I only drink the real thing), that was my main association. 


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