Sunday, July 06, 2014

On Friday, I had a workshop in Leverkusen, which is a short (less than 30 mins) S-Bahn ride from Düsseldorf. As I had plentl of time to kill until my return flight from DUS at 20:00, I decided to get off at the main train station, park my little suitcase in a locker, and head to Königsallee a.k.a. "Kö", where the shops are. I have been to Düsseldorf twice on day-trips and remembered it being quite a nice city with good shoportunities, too. With its past as Germany's fashion capital it offers a good mix of high-street and high-end brands. I didn't go too crazy at all, picking up 2 little things from Muji, which we still don't have in Austria, as well as what you see in the picture above. The striped vest (€11 on sale) is also from Muji and the green linen cardigan (a more vibrant green in real life) is from Massimo Dutti (coming to Vienna soon!) and was €19.95. I actually like the combination of the two and already gave it a test-drive on the weekend.


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