Sunday, August 10, 2014


I bought quite some bits in Nice (surprise! surprise! Not) that I am not planning to share here in their entirety. If you want, you can stalk the Instagram widget. Since I am writing this in Prague where I just picked up a pair of "almost free" Bata shoes, I thought I'd share two shoe bargains. I in fact have more (pairs of) shoes than I own handbags, which is definitely a feat as we know that I own A LOT of handbags. I haven't counted, but I think I might have crossed the 3-digits-threshold long ago. Ahem. I digress.
I picked up a pair of cute rose-gold flats with a cherry-detail in Niche when Chiquita and I were on our way back from Antibes and walking from the central train station to the beach. We both picked up a pair of casual shoes from a sports shop on the way and in my defense my usually more restrained cousin had actually bought a pair of shoes in Juan les Pins earlier that day already. There you go! The cuties below were 50% off and cost about €25 if I remember correctly. I intend to pair them with my rose-gold Alexander Wang bag and use them as spares when out dancing in (what I consider) heels.
I am almost looking forward to colder days when I can pair them with skinny jeans. The shoes I likewise wasn't planning to buy in Prague are also for spring and autumn and since I am a big fan of the quality and price-tag of Bata shoes I compulsively need to pop into a store in any country that has them. Needless to say, the choice is best in the home-country of this brand and so I had to check out the sales racks here. Well, this nice nude pair of loafers (leather with leather lining) was 70% off and cost a mere €20 converted from the original CZK price. Seriously, I HAD to adopt them. They are dainty enough to be worn with a skirt, too.
A bit of shoe-decluttering might be in order to remedy the crammed situation in my shoe-closet...


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