Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Making Lemonade

It is fair to say that last week won't make it to my all-time-favourites-list of best days ever. Long story. Old story. I had high hopes for this week, but in fact I received really disappointing news this morning when I found out that my trip to the States in November that I'd been looking forward to so much won't happen. It was a much anticipated and needed silver lining on the horizon and my immediate reaction was anger and frustration. After some venting, my usual favourite sushi and a breather of fresh air, I sprang into action and did what I do best: make spontaneous decisions and give myself something to look forward to: I booked a (business class, yay!) return flight to Atlanta with the frequent flyer miles I had accumulated for February, sincere there was a promotion on the Miles&More website for that period. Yesss! Silver lining reclaimed!


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