Monday, October 13, 2014

Out of Time

Yesterday, the PP's Sis and I went on a boat-trip to the beautiful Wachau region. We got A LOT of quality time on the water for our money, but it was a gloriously sunny day and we enjoyed just relaxing and having plenty of time for exploring our weekly sushi-date subject (the refusal of certain egomaniac men in our lives to realise that we're the most amazing creatures a nutshell) in more depth and from as yet neglected angles. In Dürnstein, we enjoyed overpriced cake with overpriced coffee (but with a view!) on the terrace of Schloss Dürnstein, then took a stroll around the village and bought the obligatory apricot-themed souvenirs. I hadn't been there in quite some time and always feel beamed back into the heyday of Austrian heimatfilms, that frequently used the Wachau valley as a backdrop. Old-fashioned in the nicest possible way. What's more, I always feel that time runs slower and it's so incredibly quiet in a way that you will never find in big cities. I actually quite like urban white noise and live on a busy street, but there is something very reassuring and calming in this type of tranquility. It made me realise I should try and get away from my daily routine and gazillions of acoustic distractions more often. Never mind the electronic ones...says the person who took a portable mobile phone charger with her in order to be able to take and share plenty of photos on the go. Getting there. Some day.


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