Sunday, November 16, 2014

Missed it!

Duh! How come I missed this year's blogoversary? So, 5 days later: let's acknowledge that this little blog is now 9(!) years old. Wow. I certainly will make sure to duly commemorate next year's 10th anniversary. A layout overhaul might be in order, but I don't want to loose my archive since it helps my aging brain and I love to be able to search posts to find out when exactly I was in a certain city, baked a certain cake or met certain people.
When I started this blog I was in a completely different stage of my life and yet it doesn't feel as if so much time has passed. Back then, I could not have imagined that in a few years almost everyone would own phones that were so much better and "smarter" than the computer I was writing my first post on, nor that I would spend way too much time online and actually think back with nostalgia of all the books I read when I still worked at Coma HQ. Seems like a simple thing and yet like a lifetime away...


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