Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Clinging at Straws

I have a feeling that every year on December 31, I write a post along the lines of the year in question having been a tough one (moan, moan) and me hoping that the following one is going to be nicer to me, occasionally making a reference to the yearly horoscope of some kind of glossy mag. Well, here we go again. Until quite recently, I really only ever used to read yearly horoscopes for fun, trying to figure out which part of the year I was supposed to meet the love of my life. At some stage this autumn I began to fall into the pattern of religiously checking first one, then 3 horoscopes daily on my mobile phone. Desperate much? What triggered it was a certain person who drove me to near despair. Or rather, I mainly blamed that person to make me feel so utterly horrible and worthless that I became a world champion grasper-at-straws and resorted to this not exactly exact science to get my hopes up that a good day was ahead, or possibly even week. It takes two of course, one person to make you miserable, and another to let herself be treated that way and not walk away when her gut feeling tells her to do so (and all of her friends, too). The roller-coaster metaphor is a cliché, but very fitting, the only problem having been that descends definitely prevailed. I am trying to wean myself off the horoscope habit, but's definitely has its literary merits and "my" horoscope of Christmas Eve was eerily accurate:
So, New Year's resolution number one: give the "rebels and badass types" a wide berth and try and sniff out boring farts with vestiges of social skills instead. Any referrals?


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