Saturday, December 27, 2014

Carinthian Economy: SAVED!

Long time, no haul here? Fear you not! After a retail-absence of several days I ventured into town this morning and was more than successful. As always, bargains seemed to find me and I did not actually need any of the things I bought. Surprise, surprise. 
So, let's look at the lovely new wardrobe-fillers clockwise. What I did not pay for with my own money, but got as an advance birthday present from my parents was a new ski suit. As you might remember, I am eccentric enough to have everything ski-related twice (skis, poles, helmet, goggles, clothes, boots...), once in Vienna and once at my parents' place. When I remarked to my Mum that I was so in love with my new skies that I tested earlier this week that I considered getting a second pair in the sale, she hinted that I should rather consider replacing my Carinthian ski outfit which was pretty ancient. It is a rare thing for my Mum to say something like that so you can imagine that it really is old. Of course when I fell in love with the first combination I tried on (end ended up getting) she back-pedalled and suggested I consider travelling with my Viennese gear that I got last season as everybody else does. As you can guess, I paid her no attention and it is mine mine mine now... What I needed even less than a second (read: third) ski suit is another down jacket, but this Geox beauty is in MY colour and I love the style with thin belt (plus 50% off price-tag) so it didn't take me long to decide.
I'll readily admit I was definitely in the market for a sequinned dress for New Year's Eve and really like the one I found for €50 (Jake's brand) at Peek & Cloppenburgh. It has a nice viscose stretchy lining and I am looking forward to wearing it.
Despite the fact that I own A LOT of shoes, I definitely splurge more on bags and don't go for expensive designer brands that often. My love for (suede, because comofortable) heels (even if  of comparatively modest height) is a fairly recent phenomenon, so let's pause to marvel that I ended up getting a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo heels. Yes, me! I spied them at Stiefelkönig first thing in the morning but wanted to avoid making as hasty decision with cold feet (literally, since I already made that mistake once when evening shoes turned out to be bloody uncomfortable with warm, i.e. normal-sized feet) so asked the shop-assistant to hold them for 2 hours. They were still remarkably comfortable and I ended up getting them since the reduction was pretty nice (€149 instead of € 399).
I am not planning to make any more major purchases this year...


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