Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Can't Have Everything

Before I go ahead and tell you about my crush on Lithuania's capital in my next post, some observations on hotels and the comfort you can expect there. I'm not an expert in this matter at all, but have visited a fair share of hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars within the past months. One thing is for sure: a Japanese ** hotel that comes with complimentary pyjama, toothbrush-set, slippers, kettle, very decent breakfast (I'm talking about the Comfort Inn chain) and all other amenties that you could could need for a very attractive price is waaaaaaay superior to any **** hotel in London that offers ridiculously little for a seriously OTT price.

Last week in Ljubljana, when I felt a cold coming on, I really longed for a bathtub and kettle to nip the symptoms in the bud, as I would have been able to at home. Well, unfortunately, my room offered neither and so I was all the happier to see that my hotel in Vilnius (Novotel) greeted me with a tea and coffee set, yay! I always bring some bags of my beloved ginger&lemon tea and am therefore self-sufficient on the tea-bag front, but I don't go as far as travelling with my own kettle and so really appreciated this:
I also loved the way that the room had a bathtub, but shower-wise (in particular if you intend to wash your hair), the contraption was pretty useless, with a wall-fixture at knee-height. Hmmm...shower for visiting pygmies perhaps? The "rainforest" shower in Ljubljana was way better than that.
The hairdrier was also one of those sad fixed-to-the-wall contraptions that manage to scald your fingers while not drying your hair. The Plaza in LJU gives you a nice "independent" hairdrier that actually does the job.

Both hotels have free and pretty fast Wi-Fi, which is not standard even in 4* hotels in Japan, surprisingly enough for this high-tech country.

Well, sorry if I have bored you with my mundane ramblings, but these hotel-room experiences almost make me consider a career-move to the hospitality business and draft the perfect hotel (according to MY taste, needless to say). Must-haves: fully-functioning bathtub AND shower, windows you can open (rarely the case), AC that you can switch off if you want to (and I always do want to), a proper hairdryer and a kettle.


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