Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the Roadshow Begin!

I've briefly mentioned before that as of June I have taken on new tasks within the Firm. This new job role comes with frequent travelling, to SLO, LIT and BG in particular. I'm especially looking forward to Lithuania, as unlike the other two countries, I've never been there. Starting this week, I'll be on the road from Mon-Thurs in each of these three countries, one after the other. This week, I'm in Ljubljana.

Guess what I did when I got confirmation of my new role? Yes, I decided I needed one more suitcase fitting the requirements a)lightweight, b)perfect size for 3-5 days and of course c) stylishness. Ta-dah! Introducing this Travelite beauty I managed to get on sale (reduced to €89):
The Australian, on a recent super-brief visit to Vienna, gave me a cool Pantone address tag which I attached to the suitcase for a bit of colour-blocking-shocking:
Stay tuned for upcoming Balkan and Baltics adventures.


Blogger alcessa said...

Ljubljana ni Balkan ... doh :-))

6/11/2012 04:30:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Hehe, I was waiting for somebody to point that out, Alcessa. You're right of course and we officially call the region "Adriatics" in the Firm. Balkan sounds much more adventurous and brave, though ;-)

6/11/2012 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger alcessa said...

:-) It IS my duty to say such things, obviously ... I do like the sound of "Balkan and Baltics" a lot and I'd love to see Lithuania, too. We've done Tallinn last year and I can hardly wait for us to see more of the Baltic region. I really like those "Hansa cities" with their Viking stories (and "their" Germans and Swedes and Russians ... ) and I especially like shopping for jewellery in the north (silver and bronze mostly).

6/11/2012 09:37:00 PM  

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