Friday, May 25, 2012

Bright Delight(s)

Knew it. Being back on the beading scene is addictive and inevitably leads to a visit to 4xBo, my beading supplies dealer of choice. Well, that didn't take long and as the Gazelle was so impressed by my first wrap bracelet (see yesterday's post) we did another bit of partner shopping and she bought beads and leather string as well, hoping that I'll let her in to the rocket science. 

As she needed to pick up something from BIPA and they had 20% off Essie nail polishes we *had* to buy one each. Mine is called "peach daiquiri" and is more of a neon pink, rather than orange as the photo has you believe:
I also got a delivery from J.Crew yesterday (I blame the Pampered Princess, who told me about their "free shipping, duty free and free returns" offer), containing a navy cardigan (super soft) and a linen top, which again is not carrot orange at all, but has a more pinkish tone, actually very similar to the nail polish:
I'm off to Salzburg and Munich for the long weekend. More about that at some stage next week.


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