Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Partner Shopping

In recent months, the Gazelle has become my lunchbreak partner in crime. She's not adverse to the odd bit of retail therapy herself and yesterday our mission was to go into the Högl store on Graben. To be honest, I had always associated this brand with boooring "granny-style" footwear and ruled it out categorically. They have, however, successfully relaunched the brand and as I repeatedly made a mental note to check out the collection. Well, what can I say - after (very) briefly debating whether it was worthwhile to wait for the summer sale in a few weeks time, we walked out with one pair each. I could literally have bought half the shop and intend to indeed return when the sale is on, possibly to buy a pair of high (!) heels (!!) as they were so unbelievably comfortable.

For now, we've stayed true to our love for flats and I bought what I had had my eyes on for quite some time this season: woven leather ballerinas:
They also had them in pink with an orange bow and other more "statement" colours, but I love the dainty off-white and tan combination:
The Gazelle got a pair of nude patent leather loafers/flats that the picture doesn't do justice to. I wouldn't have minded them myself, but they pinched my right foot.
I have a suspicion we will be returning customers...


Blogger adolfoshemar said...

I am always doing shopping with my partner because of without partner i cant good selection.

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5/23/2012 05:27:00 PM  

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