Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Project: Beaded Wrap Bracelet

Back in the old Coma HQ days, I was quite the beading afficionado and would go on a "bead haul" way too often in my lunch break. My projects stagnated with the change of jobs (yes, for those of you who didn't know, my colleagues and I actually made jewellery AT work, blatantly at our desks) an the fact that I had already given necklaces and bracelets to all my friends and female relatives.

In Sydney, I bought (I actually ordered it from here) a white wrap bracelet which I love and which immediately made me think that I should try this myself. With the advent of winter, it didn't see daylight for a while and I forgot all about it. Well, now summer is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and I keep seeing similar bracelets.

Tadaaaah, I recently made one myself and it's super-easy. It doesn't look too bad for my first piece, either:
I did not want to buy any new material and therefore made do with what I had at home. Basically all you need is a thin leather band, beads, a button and needle and thread.
I used crystal beads and moonstone (? don't know what the exact term for this type of stone is in English) and a mother-of-pearl button for the closure:
There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube, such as this one by EleventhGorgeous:

I did not use superglue, nor a flexible needle (just a plain old regular one) as advised, by the way. Nor had I heard of Chan Luu until seeing the name come up in the tutorials.

Good luck trying! I certainly will go rummaging for more leftover strands of leather bands in my beading stash soon.


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