Saturday, June 09, 2012


Ever since coming back from Japan, where I ate at least one onigiri every day, I've been craving umeboshi onigiri somewhat badly. It might sound strange and exaggerated, but believe me when I tell you that this would be my "desert island" food. Just as I ate a staple sandwich pretty much during my whole tenure at Coma HQ, I would have no problem eating onigiri every single day. I still love rucola, too, in case you were wondering. 

Well, Thursday was a holiday and I decided to tackle the project. Armed with a rice cooker, Japanese rice, nori sheets in onigiri wrappers and self-imported umeboshi, I found failproof instructions over at the lovely Maki's blog and set to work:
Her method really works and it's easy to form nice triangular onigiri:
I took one to work on Friday and it still was in good shape after a night in the fridge:
Yum, yum! It was really worth the extra time to prepare the rice the way Maki suggests as the onigiri tasted very authentic, even if I say so myself.


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