Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Kaleidoscope VIII

I could have spent 2000 words or more on how truly and utterly awful (never mind unfair) it is to have a cold in (almost) summer and to be a pile of snot and phlegm eager to recover until Monday when the next adventure (Vilnius, Lithuania) awaits rather than make optimal use of the great weather and go swimming outdoors as usual. Ah, well. In order not to bore you more than usual, I've decided to just show you some pics instead.

One more PS on my visit to Ljubljana: Slovenians obviously are not a superstitious people: unlike most airlines who simply don't have a row 13 on any of their planes, Adria Air does! I only noticed this as I was assigned seat 13A and was rather surprised that this existed. Well, I totally agree that it's usually not just one row that crashes and it doesn't make much difference where you sit, but it must be the only airline that does that. Thankfully it was Thursday the 14th and not Friday, the 13th...

1. Saturday excursion to Graz: beautiful shadows on a building in Annenstraße
2. Yep, lovers locks are all the rage in Graz, too
3. I don't mind birthday cake even if it's almost 5 months later! We had lunch at a good friend of my Mum's whose son turned 40 in May and she baked a cake for us two old "kids", yay! She also gave me vouchers that are valid for several shops, including Kastner & Öhler, Austria's most stylish department store by far.
4. After lunch, we drove to Maria Straßengel, which is dubbed the "small St. Stephen's", meaning Vienna's famous church. Mum's friend's daughter got married there 10 years ago and in fact wedding pictures were being taken as we visited.
5. Provence? No, just a lavender patch in Vienna's Märzpark, where I sat on a bench reading on Sunday afternoon.
6. I'm rocking the irridescent look and got a set of three nailpolishes from Asos. The green one is aptly called "Beetle Juice" and really is reminiscent of a stag beetle...
7. The inexpensive birdie ring came with the same Asos box and is by French Connection (I got it on sale). Oh, and the skirt (Esprit, €10) is from last Saturday's excursion to the Parndorf  designer outlet with 2 colleagues...and not the only thing I got there.


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